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Yuwell CPAP Full Face Mask YF-02

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Premium Yuwell YF-02 CPAP BiPAP full face vented mask with easy release clips is suitable for users who want minimum face coverage with easy release clips.

The headgear is made of soft and skin-friendly fabric and is designed without the forehead support for minimum contact and maximum patient comfort.

Yuwell CPAP Full Face Mask YF-02 $68.90 Original price was: $68.90.$49.90Current price is: $49.90.
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The Yuwell YF-02 is the latest premium Full Face Mask for CPAP or BiPAP Users. This CPAP BiPAP mask covers the nose and mouth without using an annoying forehead support. This allows the user a clear field of vision to read or watch television before falling asleep. The YF-02 CPAP/ BiPAP Mask is very similar to the ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask, but with upgraded design and enhanced performances.

Features & Benefits

1. The raised forehead support in the 4-point mounting system facilitates effortless fitting and distributes headgear forces evenly, ensuring optimal seal and maximum comfort.

2. With 2-point quick-release headgear clips, the CPAP BiPAP mask effortlessly detaches in two swift motions and simplifies putting it on without readjustment. Minimizing post-donning adjustments, this feature maintains consistent mask placement for reliable sealing and utmost comfort.

3. Sealing the nose bridge poses a significant challenge for CPAP BiPAP masks. Improper adjustments may lead to leaks or discomfort, like sores and hotspots. This mask tackles the issue with its innovative adaptive easy flex technology: a U-shaped, high-flex silicone design in the nose bridge area. It gently compresses, ensuring a reliable seal without exerting excessive pressure, solving the dilemma efficiently.

4. There’s an ultra-comfortable seal-tight section inside the mask crafted from thin silicone. This enhances the seal on the nose bridge, amplifying both sealing effectiveness and comfort.

5. The remarkably light and thin headgear effortlessly adjusts and ensures the patient’s head stays cool all through the night.

6. The quick-release connection for the supply hose simplifies bathroom breaks, allowing for swift disconnection without needing to remove the mask, even in the dark.

7. The ultra-quiet honeycomb vent design is just as vital, delivering a serene and restful sleep for both the patient and their partner.

The rebound silicone cushion is airtight, and soft. It is designed to reduce facial pressure, improve fit and comfort.

Honeycomb design reduces airflow erosion intensity for a peaceful and quiet night’s sleep.

The quick-release connector easily releases or reconnects the mask with a positive and secure latch.

Selected soft skin-friendly fabrics are light and stable and help patients adapt to treatment comfortably.

The silicone cushion has an adaptive design at the nose bridge that automatically adjusts to different face shapes, better-relieving pressure and improving user experience.


Type: Full face mask
Application: CPAP BiPAP users
Compatibility: compatable with almost all CPAP/BiPAP Machines with hose diameter 22mm.
Net Weight: 119g
Therapy pressure range: 4-30cm H2O
Tube connection: Diameter 22mm
Flow resistance (at 50L/min): 0.5cm H2O
Flow resistance (at 100L/min): 1.5cm H2O
Expiratory resistance with AntiAsphyxia valve open(at 50L/min): < 2.0cm H2O/(L/S)
Inspiratory resistance with AntiAsphyxia valve open(at 50L/min): < 2.0cm H2O/(L/S)
Anti-Asphyxia Valve Open Pressure: < 2.0cm H2O/(L/S)
Anti-Asphyxia Valve Closed Pressure: < 2.0cm H2O/(L/S)

Package Content:

1* Full Face Mask Cushion
1* Headgear Strap
1* Mask frame.

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