VentMed Auto CPAP Machine VM6

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Revolutionize your sleep with our VentMed Auto CPAP Machine . Engineered for optimal comfort and efficiency, this advanced device automatically adjusts air pressure to treat sleep apnea. Compact, user-friendly, and equipped with cutting-edge features, it’s the ultimate solution for a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Good for
  • Allergy Sufferer
  • Sleep apnea therapy beginners
  • Medication or drug-related breathing complications
  • A history of having certain upper airway surgeries
  • People who may have a mask leak due to certain facial characteristics
  • Used in hypoxic respiratory failure associated with congestive heart failure
  • Aid oxygenation via PEEP prior to placement of an artificial airway during endotracheal intubation.
  • with moderate or severe OSA that is not complicated by other health concerns that affect the ability to breathe during sleep.
  • with mild OSA or those who cannot tolerate fixed-level CPAP.
  • For obese patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or patients with congestive heart failure.
Why you'll love it
  • Intelligent Events Detection
  • Smart Auto Start & Stop
  • Smart Power Off & Mask Off Alarms
  • Consistent Humidification
  • Easy-Breathe™ Motor
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Automated Leakage Compensation
  • EPR- Expiratory Pressure Relief.
  • Auto & Manual Modes Optional
  • Whisper-quiet, no disturbing.
What's the benefit

Start things off on the right foot by feeling better! If you have sleep apnea why hesitate to experience CPAP benefits? Not only is CPAP therapy the most effective sleep apnea treatment, but it makes people feel better by providing their bodies and minds with the oxygen necessary for better sleep and healing.

  • Better Heart Health
  • More Daily Energy
  • Lower Risk Of Diabetes
  • Help With Weight Loss
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Skin
  • Improved Intimacy, Better Romance
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Reduced Risk Of Traffic Accidents
In the box

1 x Dream Sleep CPAP Machine
1 x Heated humidifier tub
1 x Air tubing
1 x Nasal Mask
1 x Power supply unit
1 x Carry Bag
5 x Standard Filter
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x User Manual
1 x SD Card
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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VentMed Auto CPAP Machine VM6 $399.00 $399.00
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Are you tired of restless nights and constant fatigue due to sleep apnea or other breathing disorders? Look no further than the VentMed Auto CPAP Machine APAP VM6, a revolutionary device designed to provide effective and comfortable therapy for better sleep quality. Packed with advanced features and user-friendly design, this machine is here to transform your sleep experience.

Features & Advantages

1. Adjustable Pressure Settings: Our APAP Machine VM6 offers customizable pressure settings, ensuring that you receive the optimal air pressure tailored to your specific needs. With the ability to adjust the pressure levels, you can find the perfect balance between comfort and therapy effectiveness.

2. Integrated Heated Humidifier: Dry air can lead to nasal congestion, dry throat, and discomfort during CPAP therapy. That’s why our APAP Machine comes with an integrated heated humidifier that adds moisture to the air, providing soothing relief and preventing dryness.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Our APAP Machine VM6 features an intuitive LED screen that displays essential information, including therapy pressure, usage hours, and mask fit. This user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through settings and monitor your therapy progress.

4. Data Recording and Analysis: Our APAP Machine is equipped with advanced data recording capabilities. It tracks and stores detailed information about your sleep patterns, including apnea events, snoring, and mask leakage. This data can be easily accessed and analyzed by both you and your healthcare provider to evaluate the effectiveness of your therapy and make necessary adjustments.

5. Auto Ramping: The Auto CPAP Machine features an auto ramping feature that gradually increases the air pressure as you fall asleep. This gentle and gradual pressure buildup ensures a comfortable and seamless transition into therapy, allowing you to ease into a restful sleep.

6. Auto On/Off: With the auto on/off feature, the Auto CPAP Machine VM6 automatically starts and stops therapy when you put on or remove your mask. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures that therapy is only delivered when you need it, saving energy and simplifying your bedtime routine.

7. Auto Air-Leakage Compensation: VM6 is equipped with auto air-leakage compensation, which detects and compensates for any mask leakage that may occur during therapy. This ensures that the prescribed pressure is delivered effectively, even in the presence of minor leaks, maximizing the therapy’s effectiveness.

8. Auto EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief): VM6 offers auto expiratory pressure relief, allowing for a more natural breathing experience. This feature reduces the pressure during exhalation, making it easier to breathe out and enhancing overall comfort during therapy.


Product Name
VentMed Auto CPAP Machine VM6
Work mode
Data storage
TF card
2.8 inch color
Pressure Range
Power supply
1-2A; Output+24V,2.5V
Over-temperature protection
Stop working automatically,
buzzle ring 4 times
Ramp item 
0-60min, 1 min/step
Yes, 0-3 level
Leak compensation
Awake detection
Breath Event detection
Auto pressure titration
Water Capacity
200ML max
Heated Humidifier,0-5 level
Mask /power Off Alarm
Weight(With humidifier)
1.7KG(Net weight); 
4KG(Gross weight)
Work for

Additional information

Weight 4 kg