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TENS Unit for ED with Leather Holster(18 Microcurrent Conductive Points)

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The TENS Unit for ED is crafted for comfort with skin-friendly leather, featuring 18 microcurrent conductive points for comprehensive stimulation. Its adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit for all body sizes. Lightweight at 200g, rechargeable, and pocket-sized for on-the-go relief and relaxation.

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TENS Unit for ED with Leather Holster(18 Microcurrent Conductive Points) $79.90 Original price was: $79.90.$49.90Current price is: $49.90. $49.90
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Harness the Fusion of Technology and Intimacy:

Our TENS Unit for Erectile Dysfunction offers a natural, non-invasive solution tailored to address specific concerns. Utilizing advanced technology and user-centric design, we strive to simplify and enhance your path to better health.

How Does Our TENS Unit for ED Work?

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology has been harnessed to specifically target the factors contributing to ED:

1. Enhanced Blood Flow: By stimulating nerve pathways and encouraging vasodilation, our TENS Unit can help improve blood circulation to the pelvic region, a critical aspect of achieving and maintaining erections.

2. Pelvic Muscle Activation: Weak pelvic floor muscles can be a major contributor to ED. Our device assists in stimulating these muscles, potentially leading to improved function.

3. Nerve Stimulation: Experience heightened sensitivity and responsiveness with targeted nerve stimulation, enhancing your overall experience.

The Superior Features of Our TENS Unit for ED

1. The holster is made from skin-friendly leather material, ensuring safety and comfort for your skin.

2. 18 microcurrent conductive points strategically placed throughout the interior, providing comprehensive stimulation from all angles.

3. Adjustable strap design, ensuring a perfect fit for all sizes. With our innovative sizing system, our leather holster accommodates any body shape or size, eliminating the need to worry about finding the right fit.

4. Equipped with 9 versatile modes, allowing seamless transition between various stimulating patterns for a customized experience. 

5. Each mode offering 15 adjustable energy levels – From the gentlest sensation to a gradual increase in strength, users can tailor their experience to suit their needs, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction with every use.

6. Weighing only 200g and designed to be pocket-sized and lightweight, rechargable, ensuring portability wherever you go. Take advantage of its compact design to carry it effortlessly with you, allowing for on-the-go ED therapy, pain relief, and relaxation whenever you need it.

How to Use the TENS Unit for ED? Step-by-step Guide

How to use the TENS unit and where to put the male TENS unit placement pads for ED? Using a TENS Unit for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) requires careful attention to detail to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the TENS Unit for ED:

Step 1: Prepare the TENS Unit 

a. Please fully charge the TENS Unit device before start. 
b. Connect the lead wires to the TENS Unit. 
c. Attach the electrode holster to the lead wires. Make sure the holster is clean and in good condition.

Step 2: Proper Electrode Placement: Put the micocuurent holster on the therapy area. Proper placement is essential for targeting the right nerves and muscles.

Step 3: Adjust Settings 

a. Turn on the TENS Unit and start with the lowest intensity setting. 
b. Gradually increase the intensity until you feel a comfortable, tingling sensation. 
c. Keep therapy 15-30 minutes a session.

Step 4: Monitor Progress Keep a journal of your experiences, noting any changes in your ED symptoms and your comfort level during TENS sessions. 

Step 5: Maintenance and Care 

a. Clean the electrode holster after each use according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
b. Store the TENS Unit and accessories in a safe and dry place when not in use. 


Channel: 2 Channels
Mode: 9  modes
Intensity: 15 adjustable levels
Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-100mA peak (500 ohm load)
Size: 10.1cm (L) x 6.1cm (W) x 2.45cm (H)
Weight: 0.250 kg
Wave Form: Asymmetrical Rectangular Biphasic Pulse
Timing: 10-80 minutes adjust 10 minutes/step
Pulse Rate: 2~150 Hz, 1Hz / Step
Pulse Width: 50~300 microseconds, 10 us / step
Compliance Meter: 60 sets of individual operation records
Stimulation Type: TENS + EMS
Battery: built-in rechargable battery
Tolerance of Settings: ± 5%
Tolerance of Output: ± 20%

Package list:

1* TENS Unit 
1* Electrode holster
1* lead wire
1* Neutral manual
1* Charge cable

Warm Tips:

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** No prescription is required for purchase.**

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