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Portable Compressor Nebulizer Machine with Tubing Kits for Adults & Kids

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Empower your optimal respiratory relief at home with our high-efficiency compressor nebulizer. Compact yet powerful, it delivers targeted medication for quick, effective therapy. Easy to use and designed for personal convenience, our compressor nebulizer ensures hassle-free treatments. Breathe easier and take control of your health with our reliable solution for home respiratory care.

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compressor nebulizer machine for adult and kids
Portable Compressor Nebulizer Machine with Tubing Kits for Adults & Kids $59.90 Original price was: $59.90.$49.90Current price is: $49.90. $49.90
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How Does The Compressor Nebulizer Work?

The compressor nebulizer machine adopts German imported brushless motor to integrate greater dynamic and durability onto the existing compressor nebulizer. Compressing filtered air to the medicine cup and transforming drug liquid into ultra-fine mist with customized nebulization rate. Quickly recover patients’ respiratory health and wellness.

Key Features & Benefits

Extreme Nebulization

FPD≥65% Particle control technology enables the compressor nebulizer machine to control the diameter of 65% of the output particles in the range of 0-0.5 microns. In this range, the mist can be better absorbed by the human body.

Grade C Aseptic Workshop and Non-Toxic Materials

Every part of the compressor nebulizer is assembled in the grade C aseptic workshop, and every part of the nebulizer is made of aseptic materials so that you can breathe clean air and avoid secondary injury. The elderly and children can use it safely.

New MAR Technology, Consistent Fine Mist

MAR technology can keep the particle size of the mist consistent, when you adjust the nebulizer rate, the particle size of the mist will not change. That means different people (including the elderly and children) use the nebulizer machine at a different rate, the nebulizer’s nebulization efficiency will remain at a high level.

Suitable for Different Groups of People

The compressor nebulizer machine allows customers to adjust the nebulization rate, ranging from 0.15ml/min to 0.35 ml/min (High nebulization rate full open is suitable for high viscosity liquid and high breathing capacity users, while low flow rate with a shut-off valve is more suitable for children/infants with low breathing capacity). The equipped 3 masks are medical-grade PP material made. Face-fitting design to ensure a non-irritating, sensitive-free experience for children, adults, and elders.

Compact & Easy to Use

One-button control, easy to operate, just press the button to make the device work, very suitable for the elderly and children. Compared with large nebulizers, our compressor nebulizer is more compact, very easy to store and use as you go. This compressor nebulizer machine is widely used in personal home, clinics, and hospital and is very economical.

Know Your Compressor Nebulizer

compressor nebulizer machine feature 1
compressor nebulizer machine feature 2
compressor nebulizer machine feature 3


Product Size: 12*7.3*5.5cm
Carton size: 16.8*12*10cm
Nebulization rate: ≥0.2 ml / min
Nebulized particle size: 1 um ~ 5 μm
Medication cup capacity: 8ml
Working noise:≤ 40 dB
Power Supply: USB plug in
Net Weight: 0.26kg
Gross weight: 0.35kg

Package Contents:

1 x Compressor Nebulizer
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Large Mask
1 x Small Mask
1 x Medication Cup
1 x Tubing
1 x Strap
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Manual
1 x Color Box

Jet Nebulizer Vs Compressor Nebulizer

1. Jet Nebulizer: What Is A Jet Nebulizer? In a jet nebulizer, compressed air is used to create a high-velocity stream that converts the liquid medication into a mist. This mist is then delivered to the patient for inhalation. Jet nebulizers have a more complex internal structure that involves the use of compressed air or oxygen to create the aerosol.

2. Compressor Nebulizer: A compressor nebulizer, on the other hand, directly employs a compressor to generate the aerosol. The compressor works to convert the medication into a mist without the need for the high-velocity air stream used in jet nebulizers. Compressor nebulizers are typically quieter and more user-friendly for home use due to their simpler mechanisms.

While both types utilize compressed air in some form to create the mist, their internal workings and the process of aerosolizing the medication differ, leading to distinctions in noise level, complexity, and ease of use.

How To Use The Compressor Nebulizer?

how to use the compressor nebuliser machine
how to use the compressor nebuliser machine

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