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Handheld Nebulizer Machine for Kids with Attractive Cartoon Design

Original price was: $44.90.Current price is: $33.90. $33.90

This playful carton rabbit design with long, floppy ears is specifically crafted to capture the attention of children, making the process of nebulized therapy smooth and enjoyable.

portable nebulizer machine for kids infants
Handheld Nebulizer Machine for Kids with Attractive Cartoon Design $44.90 Original price was: $44.90.$33.90Current price is: $33.90. $33.90
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Designed with both the well-being and happiness of children in mind, this playful cartoon rabbit nebulizer machine with long, floppy ears is the perfect solution for parents and caregivers seeking a hassle-free and child-friendly way to administer respiratory treatments. Make the nebulization process a delightful experience for your little ones with our charming and effective ultrasonic nebulizer – because their health and happiness matter most.

Key Features

Attractive Cartoon Design: Our nebulizer machine features a charming, child-friendly cartoon design with playful characters, making respiratory treatments a fun experience for kids.

Adjustable Nebulizing Modes: Choose between strong and mild nebulizing modes, allowing customized therapy tailored to individual needs and comfort levels.

Versatile Application: Designed to assist with various conditions like asthma, fever, sore throat, and cough, providing relief across a range of respiratory issues.

Dual Power Sources: Convenient USB charging and 2*AA battery compatibility offer flexibility, ensuring the nebulizer can be used anytime, anywhere, even on-the-go.

High Efficiency Nebulization: Utilizes advanced technology for high-efficiency nebulization, ensuring effective and rapid delivery of medication, promoting faster relief for children.

Safe and Reusable Silicone Mask: Our nebulizer features a mask made from edible-grade silicone, ensuring utmost safety during use. This reusable mask not only provides a secure fit but also promotes eco-friendly practices, making it a sustainable choice for parents and caregivers.


Weight: 93g(device only), 254g with all.
size: L 45 X W 39 X H 138 mm
Cup capacity: 10ml
Noise level: <20db
Power: 21.5V, DC5V.
Atomization rate:>0.2ml/min
Operation mode: continuous
Nominal frequency: 108kHz
Atomized particles: 3μm+/-25%

What's Included

1* Handheld nebulizer
1* Adult mask
1* Children mask
1* Mouthpiece
1* USB cable
1* English manual

Additional information

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