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Electric NMES Fascial Massage Blade for Muscle Relaxation & Rehabilitation

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By utilizing advanced NMES technology, our ergonomic massage blade effectively targets muscle tension, enhances circulation, and offers customizable intensity levels. Perfect for post-workout recovery, injury rehabilitation, and overall well-being.

Electric NMES Fascial Massage Blade for Muscle Relaxation & Rehabilitation $69.90 Original price was: $69.90.$39.90Current price is: $39.90.
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  1. Ergonomic Massage Blade: Specially crafted to adapt to various body contours including the neck, joints, waist, legs, arms, hands, shoulders, and back.

  2. Dual-action Therapy: Combining micro-currents with micro-vibration, our massager utilizes cutting-edge NMES technology to penetrate deep into muscle tissue for a truly effective massage experience.

  3. Alleviate Muscle Stiffness and Soreness: Enhances blood circulation while effectively reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, promoting overall relaxation and well-being.

  4. Customizable Intensity: With three adjustable levels, tailor your massage experience to suit your preferences and needs.

  5. Intelligent NMES Touch Switch: Ensures safe operation by activating NMES only when the metal blade makes contact with the skin, offering peace of mind during use.

  6. Automated Acupoint Detection: The Hyperblade intelligently locates acupoints, prompting you to apply pressure massage when NMES sensation is felt, enhancing targeted relief.

  7. Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a powerful 1100mAh lithium battery, providing up to 14 days of usage with just 30 minutes of daily use, ensuring uninterrupted relaxation and recovery.

  8. Versatile Application: Ideal for post-workout fatigue recovery, sports injury rehabilitation, post-surgery convalescence pain relief, and reducing inflammatory reactions, facilitating holistic healing and wellness.


Name: Muscle massager


Battery: Li battery 1100mah

Charging time: 4hours(DC 5V)

Working time: Continnously for 5-7hours

Input voltage: 3.7V

Maximum output power: 0.5W

Package list:

1 x Hyperblade Massager

1 x Empty bottle

1 x Portable case

1 x USB charging cable

1 xUser’s Guide

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