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Premium CPAP Full Face Mask with Small/Medium/Large Sizes

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Upgrade your CPAP therapy experience with our CPAP Full Face Mask which designed to provide a secure fit, minimal leaks, and maximum therapy effectiveness. The full cushion design covers both your nose and mouth, allowing you to breathe freely from either.

Premium CPAP Full Face Mask with Small/Medium/Large Sizes $59.00 Original price was: $59.00.$39.90Current price is: $39.90.
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The BSM Premium CPAP Full Face Mask is meticulously designed to offer a secure and soothing seal, minimizing leaks for an uninterrupted therapy experience. Engineered to adapt seamlessly to your movements during sleep, this mask ensures comfort irrespective of your preferred sleeping position. Boasting plush headgear and a supple, flexible frame, the BSM CPAP Full Face Mask delivers unparalleled comfort throughout the night.

Effortlessly wearable and removable, the BSM CPAP Full Face Mask simplifies your bedtime routine. This comprehensive kit includes the Mask Frame, Cushion, Headgear — Everything Essential for Effective Therapy. 

Superior Features

Secure Seal and Fit

Experience the assurance of a secure seal and snug fit. Bid farewell to bothersome mask leaks and embrace a restful slumber with the BSM Full Face CPAP Mask.

Silicone Cushion

The ultra-soft and snug design silicone cushion relieves the CPAP mask from squeezing the face and reduces contact with the face, thus ensuring your comfort during treatment.

Universal Compatibility

Eeffortlessly adapt to the majority of CPAP/BiPAP machines equipped with a 22mm hose like Resmed, Philips, Fisher or Ventmed, etc.

Comfortable Headgear

With its soft, plush headgear, the BSM Full Face CPAP Mask is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.


Item Type: Full Face Mask(cover mouth & nose)
Pressure Range: 4-30 cmH2O
Material: Silicone(cushion),
Work Mode: CPAP, BiPAP
Type: Full Face Mask
Size:  Small / Medium / Large
Validity: 7-9 Months
Function: CPAP/BiPAP Interface
Headgear: Yes
User Manual: Yes
Package Content: 

What's Included

1* Mask frame
1* Mask cushion
1* Headgear
1* User manual

How To Choose The Right Mask Size

Proper mask fit is key to successful CPAP therapy. To ensure your mask fits well, we recommend using a tape measure or ruler to measure from the bridge of your nose to the indent of your chin. 

Then, by refering to the sizing guide, you can determine if you need a small, medium, or  large cushion.

How To Clean Your CPAP Mask?

To get the best possible therapy for your sleep apnea, it’s important to properly clean your CPAP supplies on a regular basis including the mask, air tubing and humidifier tub.

Cleaning Tips:

1.  Unplug your CPAP machine from the power source.

2. Disconnect the mask and air tubing from the CPAP machine.

3. Disassemble your mask into 3 parts (headgear, cushion and frame).
Please note: cushion should be cleaned daily, headgear and frame should be cleaned weekly.


4. In a sink or tub, clean your mask cushion and headgear to remove any oils. Gently rub with a mild liquid detergent and warm, drinking-quality water.

Avoid using stronger cleaning products as they may damage the mask or leave harmful residue.

5. Rinse again thoroughly with warm, drinking-quality water.

6. Place the cushion and frame on a flat surface, on top of a towel, to dry. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight.

You may also consider using a high efficiency CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. Click Here to Learn More

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