2-Pack Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men & Women – Fit Left or Right Side

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BSM Inguinal Hernia Belt for Male is the versatile solution for men. Its adjustable, compression-pad design offers discreet support for left or right-side hernias. Wear comfortably all day, pre or post-surgery, accelerating recovery and providing relief with ease.

** 2-pack included

Size Guidance(hip size)

S/M:   34″ – 44″

L/XL:   44″ – 55″

Inguinal Hernia Support Belt for Men
2-Pack Inguinal Hernia Belt for Men & Women - Fit Left or Right Side $29.50
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Best Inguinal Hernia Belt for Male

1. Adaptable for Either Side: Unlike typical inguinal hernia briefs for men and women, our premium hernia truss is the best inguinal hernia belt for male and female, which suits both left and right side hernias. Adjustable for personalized comfort, it offers durable, high-quality materials to aid in healing groin hernias on either side. Experience dual-side protection effortlessly.

2. Revolutionary Pain Relief Design: Tailored cushions exert precise pressure on the hernia’s location—left or right—to gently alleviate discomfort. This specialized inguinal hernia truss belt, crafted for men and women, delivers gradual yet effective support, aiding hernia pain relief and advancing the treatment journey.

3. Customizable Fit for Comfort: Easily adjust the straps to achieve your ideal size for a secure fit. Providing gentle relief to the herniated area, this belt ensures a snug yet comfortable hold. Measure your hip circumference with a soft tape and refer to the sizing chart for precise sizing guidance.

4. Comfortable for Extended Wear: Designed to be worn discreetly under clothing, providing effective support throughout the day. This top-quality inguinal support hernia belt offers enduring comfort during daily activities. While not a permanent solution, it greatly aids in managing pain and ensures a comfortable fit for prolonged use.

5. Advanced Inguinal Hernia Belt Truss: Perfect for pre and post-surgery, this belt accelerates recovery, repositions bulges, and fortifies the abdominal wall. Offering targeted pressure, it’s ideal for inguinal, femoral, and groin hernias, providing scrotal support and post-surgery relief.

Inguinal Hernia Belt - What's the Benefit?

the benefit of hernia belt

1. Increased abdominal pressure due to cough, hard physical work, overexertion, constipation, difficulty urinating, etc., hernia contents appear in abnormal anatomical positions through congenital or acquired weak muscles area.

2. Wear our groin hernia truss to apply constant, gentle and light pressure to the affected femoral hernia at the groin areas, help you cope with the pain f a reducible hernia pre and post-surgery.

3. Aid-recovery, reduce discomfort and maintain your lifestyle with extra pressure applied externally and all the support you need.

4. Premote the regenration of tissue cells, accelerate the healing of week muscles, and restore normal hysiological structure.


In order to get the right size, please measure the circumference around your hips – NOT at your waist.
S/M: 34″ – 44″. L/XL: 44″ – 55″.

Of course! Wear comfortably with no worries of shifting during sleep, vigorous exercise, or other daily activities.

BSM Hernia support belt is specially designed for symptoms of scrotal, femur, groin pain before or after surgery.

Comfortable breathable material and gentle progressive pressure support our buttocks for great comfort when standing, sitting or exercising for long periods of time.

Of course! It doesn’t look bulky under clothes, and the slim design of the hip support straps makes it perfect for wearing to the gym as well as the office.

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