Breathing Exerciser for Lungs, Mucus Clearance Device

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The mucus clearance device is designed to assist individuals with respiratory conditions in clearing mucus from their lungs. It uses positive expiratory pressure to help loosen and mobilize mucus, making it easier to cough or clear from the airways.

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Breathing Exerciser for Lungs, Mucus Clearance Device $29.80 $29.80
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This breathing exerciser device is compact and portable for mucus clearance which operates without the need for electricity, making it convenient for use in any location and at any time. When the patient exhales into the mucus clearance device, the precision steel ball within the casing generates vibrations. These vibrations are transmitted back into the lungs, effectively loosening the mucus in the airways. Subsequently, gentle coughing can be employed to expel the loosened mucus from the respiratory system.


  • Work in a Natural Way – Eliminate excess mucus naturally through the power of exercise. No chemicals, No batteries, no electric required.
  • Easy Breathing with High Efficiency – Achieve easier breathing and enhance your athletic performance with just 10 to 30 minutes of daily practice.
  • Simple to Use – Experience the convenience of a lightweight and compact breathing exercise device that can be used anywhere. With no complicated level settings or confusing accessories, just choose the steel ball that fits for you. This device is perfect for long-term lung exercise and is designed to make your breathing exercises hassle-free.
  • Upgraded Design– Made of food-grade PP material, this device is highly durable and can withstand temperatures of up to 130℃. Its user-friendly design allows for easy locking of the front end by rotating it 30° counterclockwise. The cleverly curved design ensures a comfortable and secure grip for your fingers, providing you with a superior user experience.

How Does The Mucus Clearance Device Work?

The mucus clearance device works by using Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) to create resistance during exhalation. When a person exhales through the device, it generates back pressure in the airways, helping to keep the airways open and promoting the movement of mucus towards the larger airways.

As the mucus moves towards the larger airways, it becomes easier for the person to cough or clear it out. The resistance level of the device can be adjusted according to the individual’s needs and tolerance, allowing for customized mucus clearance therapy.

How To Use The Mucus Clearance Device

how to use the mucus clearance device
  1. Sit in an upright position and ensure the device is clean and assembled correctly.
  2. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for two seconds.
  3. Exhale forcefully through the mouthpiece, aiming to maintain a steady flow of air.
  4. As you exhale, the device will create resistance, causing vibrations in your airways.
  5. Continue exhaling for several breaths or as directed by your healthcare provider.
  6. After a few breaths, take a break and cough to clear any loosened mucus.
  7. Repeat the process for the recommended number of cycles or as advised by your healthcare provider.

Why Is Airway Clearance So Important?

In numerous chronic pulmonary conditions, mucus builds up in the airways. If left untreated, this mucus can obstruct air passages, leading to breathing difficulties and creating an environment conducive to bacterial growth. This bacterial growth is a significant factor in the progressive and irreversible damage to the lungs. Thus, airway clearance plays a vital role in overall care. By incorporating daily airway clearance using the Flutter device, you can disrupt this cycle of lung infection and damage, promoting better respiratory health.


Material: medical grade PP

Weight: 0.11kg

Size: 8.5*8.5*5.5cm

Accessories: 1* steel ball, 1* mouthpiece, 1* carry bag

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