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50pcs Nasal Strips to Reduce Snoring & Relieve Nose Congestion

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Experience immediate relief and significantly improved bedtime breathing with our Nasal Strips, designed to enhance airflow, and reduce snoring, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy great sleep every night.

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Nasal Strips for Snoring - Pack of 100 Clear Nose Strips to Improve Snoring - Helpful to Improve Sleeping, Nasal Congestion Due to Cold and Allergies
50pcs Nasal Strips to Reduce Snoring & Relieve Nose Congestion $19.00 Original price was: $19.00.$14.90Current price is: $14.90. $14.90
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How does it work

BreatheEasy Nasal Strips provide instant relief from nasal congestion by swiftly opening your nasal passages. Whether you’re suffering from congestion due to a cold, allergies, or a deviated septum, these strips effectively widen your nostrils, facilitating easier airflow. Each strip is meticulously designed with flexible “spring-like” bands, adhering comfortably just above the flare of each nostril. As these bands naturally attempt to return to their original shape, they gently elevate the sides of your nose, promptly alleviating congestion for immediate comfort.


  • Instant Relief – Opens your nose to relieve nasal congestion by increasing nasal airflow. Breathe Right strips provide you with stuffy nose relief to help you breathe better.
  • Snoring Relief – Our Extra Strength nasal strips are a great solution for snoring due to nasal congestion, improving nasal airflow by up to 31%. Snore less, sleep better.
  • Extra Strength – Each extra strength nasal strip uses flexible “spring-like” bands 50% stronger than other nasal strips, opening your nose even more for maximum relief.
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere – With a breathable and form‑fitting material that comfortably adheres to your nose, our Extra Strength nasal strips are made to stay put, no matter the activity.

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