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10-Pack Disposable Trach Collar Ties

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Trach collars, also known as tracheostomy collars, are medical devices used to provide support and stability to individuals with a tracheostomy tube. A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the neck to provide an alternative airway for breathing. Trach collars are designed to help secure and protect the tracheostomy tube while providing comfort and proper alignment of the neck.

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10-Pack Disposable Trach Collar Ties $29.00 Original price was: $29.00.$24.00Current price is: $24.00. $24.00
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Adjustable Fit: Our Trach collars typically have adjustable straps or closures, allowing for a customizable fit to accommodate various neck sizes and shapes.

Comfortable Padding: Our trach collars feature soft, plush padding that ensures a comfortable fit, minimizing discomfort or irritation during extended wear.

Sturdy Construction: Our Trach collars are constructed from durable materials, providing long-lasting performance and support.

Immobilization: The Trach collars are designed to immobilize the neck, promoting proper alignment and reducing strain on the neck muscles.

Breathability: The trach collars incorporate breathable materials or ventilation features to enhance airflow and prevent excessive heat or moisture buildup.

User-Friendly Design: Trach collars are typically easy to use, with simple strap adjustments or closures for quick and hassle-free application.

Versatile Use: Trach collars can be used in various situations, including post-operative recovery, neck injuries, chronic neck pain management, or as a precautionary measure during physical activities.

Safety Features: Some trach collars may include additional safety features, such as reflective strips or emergency release mechanisms, to ensure the wearer’s well-being.


 Trach collars are typically used by individuals who have undergone a tracheostomy procedure. This may include patients with respiratory conditions, those recovering from surgery, or individuals with chronic breathing difficulties.

 Trach collars work by immobilizing the neck and providing support to the tracheostomy tube. They help maintain the proper position of the tube, ensuring adequate airflow and reducing the risk of complications.

Wearing a trach collar during sleep is dependent on the individual’s specific needs and the recommendation of a healthcare professional. In some cases, wearing a trach collar during sleep may be necessary to provide support and stability to the tracheostomy tube.

 Again, this depends on the individual’s specific needs and the recommendation of a healthcare professional. In some cases, wearing a trach collar during physical activities may be beneficial to provide extra support and prevent accidental displacement of the tracheostomy tube.

 Trach collars can typically be worn for extended periods of time, depending on the individual’s needs and comfort. However, it is important to periodically check the skin for any signs of irritation or pressure sores and to follow the healthcare professional’s recommendations for wearing duration.

 Our Trach collars are typically designed to be compatible with various types of tracheostomy tubes. However, it is important to ensure that the trach collar and the tracheostomy tube are compatible and work together effectively. The healthcare professional can provide guidance on selecting a trach collar suitable for the specific tracheostomy tube being used.

Yes, there are trach collars specifically designed for pediatric patients. These collars are smaller in size and provide appropriate support and comfort for children with tracheostomy tubes. If you need trach collars for children, please kindly contact us.

Trach collars are generally not recommended to be worn during showering or bathing, as they may become wet and cause discomfort or skin irritation. It is advisable to remove the trach collar before showering or bathing and to follow the healthcare professional’s recommendations for maintaining hygiene during these activities.

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