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10-Pack Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula with 7′ Kink Resistant Tubing

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The Oxygen nasal cannula is the perfect solution for delivering supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to patients in need of respiratory assistance.

  • Light Green in color
  • 7′ Kink Resistant Tubing
  • Standard connector
  • Pack of 10
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10-Pack Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula with 7' Kink Resistant Tubing $29.90 Original price was: $29.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90. $19.90
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Adult Nasal Cannulas: The Oxygen Nasal Cannula is specifically designed for adult patients requiring respiratory support. It effectively delivers supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to ensure optimal breathing.

Effective Design: This oxygen nasal cannula features a single-use, crush-resistant 7 ft. (2 m) lightweight tube that splits into two prongs at one end. The other end of the tube is easily connected to an oxygen supply, ensuring efficient oxygen delivery.

Optimal Comfort: We prioritize your comfort. The Oxygen Nasal Cannulas are designed to fit over the ears, allowing for easy movement and ensuring a secure fit. The lightweight construction ensures ultimate comfort and long-lasting wear, making it suitable for extended periods of use.

Individually Wrapped: Each oxygen nasal cannula is individually wrapped for cleanliness and hygiene. The 7-foot lightweight tubing is carefully packaged to maintain its integrity prior to use. Additionally, the soft green color enhances visibility, reducing the risk of tripping and falling.

Kink Resistant: This feature prevents the tubing from bending or folding, allowing for a smooth and consistent delivery of oxygen or increased airflow. You can rely on the durability and reliability of the kink resistant tubing to provide continuous respiratory support without any disruptions.

Compatible with Standard and Universal Connectors: Our Oxygen Nasal Cannula is designed to be compatible with both standard and universal connectors. This versatility allows patients to easily connect the cannula to a wide range of oxygen sources, including oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen tanks, and other respiratory equipment. By offering compatibility with existing equipment, our cannulas eliminate the need for additional purchases, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Experience the reliability and comfort of the Oxygen Nasal Cannula. With its effective design, optimal comfort, individually wrapped packaging, and our satisfaction guarantee, you can trust our product to deliver the respiratory support you need. Improve your breathing and overall well-being with the Dealmed Nasal Cannula.

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