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Tracheostomy Supplies

Tracheostomy supplies are medical equipment and accessories used to care for and maintain a tracheostomy tube. A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the neck, called a stoma, to provide an alternative airway for breathing. Tracheostomy supplies help ensure proper care and maintenance of the tracheostomy tube and assist in managing the patient’s airway and respiratory needs. 

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Tracheostomy supplies are a vital component in the care and support of individuals who have undergone a tracheostomy procedure. These supplies are designed to ensure the proper functioning of the tracheostomy tube, maintain hygiene, promote comfort, and minimize the risk of complications.

One of the primary tracheostomy supplies is the tracheostomy tube itself. These tubes are available in various sizes and types, including cuffed and uncuffed options. Cuffed tracheostomy tubes have an inflatable cuff that provides a seal around the tracheal opening, preventing air leakage and aspiration. Uncuffed tubes, on the other hand, do not have a cuff and are typically used in patients who can effectively manage their own secretions. The choice of tube depends on the patient’s specific needs and the healthcare professional’s recommendation.

To secure the tracheostomy tube in place, there are different options available. Tracheostomy tube holders or ties are commonly used to keep the tube in position and prevent accidental dislodgement. These holders are typically adjustable, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit around the patient’s neck. Some holders are designed with quick-release mechanisms to facilitate easy removal during emergencies or tube changes.

Proper hygiene is crucial in tracheostomy care to prevent infections and maintain a clear airway. Tracheostomy care kits are available, which typically include sterile saline solution, gauze pads, cotton-tipped applicators, and a cleaning brush. Regular cleaning of the tracheostomy site helps remove mucus, debris, and bacteria, reducing the risk of complications. Healthcare professionals and caregivers should follow strict protocols for cleaning and maintaining the tracheostomy site to ensure patient safety.

Humidification is an essential aspect of tracheostomy care to prevent dryness and irritation of the airway. Humidification systems, such as heated humidifiers or heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs), add moisture to the inhaled air. These systems help maintain the natural humidification that would typically occur in the upper airway, reducing discomfort and potential complications associated with dryness.

There are also additional tracheostomy supplies available to address specific needs and enhance patient comfort. Speaking valves, for example, allow patients to speak more easily by redirecting airflow through the vocal cords. These valves can significantly improve communication and quality of life for individuals with a tracheostomy. HMEs with filtration properties can help filter out dust, allergens, and other particles, providing added protection for the airway.

Some Common Tracheostomy Supplies Include:


Tracheostomy tube: A tube that is inserted into the trachea through a surgical opening called a stoma to provide an airway.

Tracheostomy dressings: Gauze or foam dressings used to absorb secretions and provide a barrier between the stoma and the tracheostomy tube.

Tracheostomy ties or holders: Straps or Velcro bands used to secure the tracheostomy tube in place around the patient’s neck.

Tracheostomy cleaning brushes: Special brushes designed to clean the inner surface of the tracheostomy tube to prevent blockages.

Tracheostomy suction catheters: Flexible tubes used to remove secretions from the trachea and lungs.

Tracheostomy humidification systems: Devices that add moisture to the air delivered through the tracheostomy tube to prevent drying and irritation of the airway.

Tracheostomy filters: Filters that attach to the tracheostomy tube to help filter out bacteria, viruses, and other particles from the air entering the lungs.

Tracheostomy tube holders: Devices that secure the tracheostomy tube to the patient’s clothing or bed to prevent accidental dislodgement.

Tracheostomy tube cleaning solutions: Special solutions used to clean and disinfect tracheostomy tubes.

Tracheostomy emergency kits: Kits that contain emergency supplies such as spare tracheostomy tubes, suction catheters, and other supplies needed in case of tube displacement or blockage.

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