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Hosted of the most advanced algorithm and features, our BiPAP machines offers seprate pressure levels on inhale and exhale, bringing the most comfortable sleep experience.

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Dream Sleep™ BiPAP DS7



Dream Sleep™ DS7 BiPAP is one of the most popular BiLevel PAP Machine in the market, featuring smart algorithm, high efficiency and comfort options during therpy.


3 lbs


26 dB


CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST (No APCV mode)

Pressure range

4-25 cmH2O

Compatible with oxygen machine



mainly for home use

Travel friendly

Therapy effect


Starting at



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Upgraded Luxury

VentMed™ BiPAP VM8



VentMed™ VM8 BiPAP machine keeps all the superior features of DS serie BiPAP, but designed with more compact size, lighter weight, making it more portable and travel-friendly.


2.8 lbs


24 dB


CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST, APCV

Pressure range

4-30 cmH2O

Compatible with oxygen machine



Home & hospitals

Travel friendly

Therapy effect


Starting at



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BiPAP Machine 101: What You Need to Know

How Does BiPAP Machine Work?

A BiPAP machine delivers pressurized air that can keep the airway to the lungs open. It pumps air at two different air pressure levels, one for breathing in (IPAP) and another for breathing out(EPAP). They are set after assessing patients condition and type of disease. IPAP is basically the positive airway pressure that we give in inspiration and EPAP is expiratory positive airway pressure that prevents our alveoli from collapsing and keep them open. BiPAP basic modes are S, St and T.

What Is Fixed-BiPAP Machine?

In these machines, two fixed air pressure levels — one for breathing in and one for breathing out — are determined by a doctor and programmed into the device. These two levels do not change during the night. 

What Is Auto-adjusting BiPAP Machine?

 An auto-adjusting BiPAP machine has a range set for both IPAP and EPAP. This allows the machine to adjust automatically throughout the night in response to how the sleeper is breathing.

What Is the Spontaneous Mode (S) of BiPAP?

In S mode all the breaths are patient triggered and cycled. Machine delivers pre set pressure during inspiration and expiration. No automatically delivered breath is inhaled. Pt initiate all the breaths and machine respond to inspiration and expiration.

What Is the Timed Mode (T) of BiPAP?

 In T mode machine does not rely on patient breath triggering effort. All the breaths are automatically delivered and set. So it is a machine cycled and machine triggered mode.

What Is the Spontaneous Timed Mode (S/T) of BiPAP?

 In S/T mode breaths are patient triggered and machine trigerred, patient cycled and machine cycled. We set backup breaths and also Ti. If patient do not initiate the breath during the set time then machine automatically delivers the breath.

What Is the APCV Mode of BiPAP?

APCV – Assisted Pressure Control Ventilation. 


The APCV Mode is used for assisted pressure control ventilation at a fixed mandatory ventilation rate. In case of spontaneous respiration, the patient has the possibility of increasing the rate and consequently the minute volume. If the patient displays a spontaneous respiratory effort within a specified time slot of the expiration, the mandatory mechanical breath is synchronized with the patient’s respiration.


APCV mode is particularly for critical patients who has rapid and shallow breathing (high frequency breathing) and low tidal volume. It is used to get the targeted tidal volume, mainly used in hospitals.


We suggest patients to use ST mode after leaving the hospital, and don’t use APCV mode for a long time.

What is Tidal Volume (TV)?

Tidal Volume (symbol VT ot TV) is the amount of air that moves in or out of the lungs with each respiratory cycle. It measures around 500 mL in an average healthy adult male and approximately 400 mL in a healthy female. It is a vital clinical parameter that allows for proper ventilation to take place. When a person breathes in, oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere enters the lungs. It then diffuses across the alveolar-capillary interface to reach arterial blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide continuously forms as long as metabolism takes place. Expiration occurs to expel carbon dioxide and prevent it from accumulating in the body. The volume of inspired and expired air that helps keep oxygen and carbon dioxide levels stable in the blood is what physiology refers to as tidal volume

What is Minute Ventilation (MV)?

Minute ventilation = respiratory rate x tidal volume

Minute Ventilation (MV or VE) is an important measurement that’s related to tidal volume. It’s a measurement of the volume of inhaled and exhaled air over 60 seconds. A typical adult VE ranges around 4 to 6 liters in 60 seconds.

You can increase your VE by either taking deeper breaths (increasing Vt) or by breathing faster (increasing your respiratory rate).

What're the Benefits of Using BiPAP Therapy?
  • BiPAP Is a Better Treatment for Those With Breathing Restrictions.
  • BiPAPMakes Exhaling Easier—Which Is Good for Those With a Need for a Higher Inspiratory Pressure.
  • BiPAP Includes an Optional Breath Timing Feature.


Why Are BiPAP Machines More Expensive Than CPAPs?

BiPAP machines are complex and have more parts and features that need to come together for the wearer in comparison to CPAP and APAP machines. Its motor and air control technologies must be able to regulate two pressure levels for your every breath with little room for error. Therefore, not only is the underlying technology more expensive to produce, but it must also be made of more durable material to withstand the constant ebbing and flowing of air pressure.

Feel The Difference

  • Whisper Quiet

    Almost the quietest BiPAP machine in the market with noise level as low as 26dBs. The whisper-quiet machine will not disturb you and your loved family during sleep at night.

  • Smart Titrating

    Compared with the Fixed-BiPAP with pressure not changing during sleep, our smart BiPAPs adjust both breathe in and breathe out air pressures automatically in response to your breathing.

  • Multi-Modes

    Our BiPAP machine comes with multi-modes like CPAP, AUTO, S, T, ST, APCV. Users can switch mode simply & flexibly from the panel.

auto titrating cpap machine
  • Leak-resistant Masking

    Papzone mask cursion is made of soft silicone, which can be naturally deformed according to the shape of the face, stick to it tightly, and play a good anti-leakage effect.

  • Fully Automatic

    Featuring fully automatic like auto on/off, auto altitude, auto leak compensation, auto awake detection, breathe event detection, auto pressure titration, auto EPR and so forth.

  • User-friendly Design

    All operations can be simply accessed from the setting on the panel. Each operation is accompanied by a prompt tone.


BiPAP machines are more complex and more comfortable in comparison to CPAP and APAP machines, as it’s motor and air control technologies being able to regulate two pressure levels for your every breath with little room for error.

Bi-Level PAP (BiPAP)


Pressure Levels

two distinct pressures

single pressure


BiPAP blows higher pressure while you breathe in.

CPAP blows constant pressure while you breathe in.


BiPAP blows lower pressure while you breathe out, so it’s easier for you to exhale.

CPAP blows the same pressure while you breathe out.

Pressure Range

4-30 cmH2O

4-20 cm H2O

Therapy Modes




CSA or CompSA
Higher CPAP pressures
Muscular dystrophy
Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Habitual use of opioid drugs

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Backup Rate

Inspirate Triggle

Inspirate Sensitivity


Each BiPAP Includes Great Guarantees

easy-breathe guarante

30-Night Trial

We want you to love your BiPAP machine and know it can take the body some days to adjust to it. So, we give you 30 nights to try it out for free.

hassle-free service

Hassle-Free Service

Our award-winning customer service commit to providing you with exceptional service before & after your order.

lifetime support

Lifetime Support!

Service and support for the life of your unit. Supported by professional sleep specilist.

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